With an Island that has blue flag beaches, clean air, wildlife round every corner and more sunshine to boot, it's not hard to see why the Isle of Wight has remained the UK destination of choice when it comes to family getaways. 

Tapnell Farm is a great attraction for families alone, but tread a little further afield and there are plenty of things to do and see around the Island - perfect for all the family. 

And if you want a reccomendation of where to take the little ones for some food, go to our 'Where to Eat' page.

Here are our suggestions

Days Out:



You could start your day with wander around the farm after a hearty breakfast of local eggs with soldiers. There are a lot of wildlife and farm animals for you to spot - and let's not forget Tapnell Farm Park!

The Play Barn


There’s stacks of fun and adventure packed into our Play Barn, making it the perfect place for kids to burn off some energy! It’s also got plenty of seating for adults to relax and watch their little ones play, with teas, coffees and refreshments all available to buy from the Farm Park Café.

Lose yourself in our three-storey, farmyard-themed soft play zone! Packed with slides, bridges, ball pits and more, there is loads for kids of all ages to swing, bounce, run and jump around. There is also a dedicated toddler area to the side for the littler people.

Create your very own masterpiece on our giant chalkboard – we supply the chalk, so you just need to bring some big ideas for what to draw! You can even decorate a very special member of our #Wightherd, the “Blackboard Cow”!

The Jumping Pillow


Head outside and bounce away the day on our incredible Jumping Pillow!

This giant inflatable bed of air is like a cross between a bouncy castle and an outdoor trampoline – with all the bounce of the castle, but with lots more spring.

Straw Bale Adventure

The straw bale play zone was a popular feature of our Play Barn when it first opened – so we’ve now moved it to its very own barn and tripled it in size! The Straw Bale pyramid is great for climbing and exploring, with stacked up bales and tunnels to run through and hide in.

Our pedal Go Kart track is a great all-weather activity in the Straw Bale Adventure Zone. Karters up to the age of 8 can race around the indoor track in one of our John Deere Go Karts – can you beat your friends to the finish line?

For the slightly bigger kids (which includes all you adults out there!) we also have the full-size Pedal Go Karts and track outside – just remember you are open to the elements, so don’t be afraid of a bit of wet weather racing on a rainy day!

Gift Shop

In our brand new Gift Shop, find a great range of exciting toys and souvenirs - perfect for taking home as gifts or mementos to your day out at Tapnell Farm Park!

The new shop is located at the Farm Park entrance, in the “Farmyard Animal Barn”, where not so long ago our herd of dairy cows used to queue up to be milked! It’s had a complete makeover since then, and now forms our shiny new shop and admissions area.

Farm Park Cafe

The Farm Park Café is our brand new refreshment area, set right in the heart of the farm. The café serves a variety of delicious hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, cakes and other treats, along with a full range of hot and cold drinks. One of our specialties are our “Tapnell Toasties” which come in a range of delicious flavours, and are available to order gluten-free on request. All our sandwiches and toasties are freshly prepared on-site.

You can sit out on the Farm Park café’s raised indoor seating area and watch all the fun and action in the Play Barn, or settle down at the side and enjoy the views out across The Paddocks to The Solent. If the weather is nice we have loads of outdoor seating areas for you to soak up the sun and surroundings.


A Wildlife Encounter

The Isle of Wight is a place like no other. It is rich in wildlife, an Island full of Biodiversity! From Red squirrels to Rare Breeds, there are a lot of wonderful creatures to discover here.

If you or your family are passionate about nature then look no further than a holiday at Tapnell Farm, surrounded by untouched wildlife at it's best. We recommend you pack your binochulars

The island is home to many species of animals (and people) that are hard to find on 'Mainland' England, including...Red Squirrels, Door Mice, Bat's and Water Voles

The mild climate and maritime situation provide a great home for many different species of Butterfly too! You can find out more here

If you have any animal lovers in your family they will surely love a day out at Seaview Wildlife Encounter where you can get up close and personal with many of it's residents, from Penguins to Baby Wallabies.

Or if you would like to see more farm animals why not visit Colemans Farm 


Crabbing and Rock Pooling 

If  you fancy living life on the edge for a few hours - why not try your hand at a spot of...CRAB RACING! Oh yes guys and girls, adrenalin fueled family fun whatever the weather. It really is quite simple...

What you will need:

One large bucket, A few crabbing lines with hooks, or enough string to tie around your bait. Some sausages (yes...crabs love sausages. Make sure you use chunky bits of sausage so that they can have something substantial to grab onto, and to prevent the hook from injuring them). Suncream (you may be there a while) Patience (you may be there a while) A picnic and refreshments(...you may be there a while)

Find a good spot: We recommend Newtown Creek or on the beach at Fort Victoria

Dip your lines (with chunks of sausage on the end) into the rock pools, or onto the sea bed from a jetty....and wait for the bite! Capture your crab and try to remember which one is yours (this is when several buckets come in handy)

When you are ready, aim the buckets towards the sea (or along the jetty) Get ready, set....and GENTLY tip the bucket so that the crabs can scurry out.Try not to loose sight of your crab! First one to the water wins!

Good clean fun.

Please remember to be gentle when handling the crabs, we want them to have fun too!


A Little Fishy on a Little Dishy

There is something very satisfying about catching your own fish and cooking it on a BBQ, it's fresh, fun and fulfilling! Why not book a chartered fishing trip on the Isle of Wight and bring your catch of the day back to the Lodge for a fry up on your BBQ....delicious!

You can book a trip Mackerel fishing from these guys Wight Sapphire Boat Charters

If you only have an afternoon to spare, then take a mackerel trip into inshore waters and catch lots of these popular and tasty fish. A great day out for the family!

If you fancy something a little more challenging, how about a Deep Sea Trip. Travel up to 20 miles offshore for full day trip where depending on the season you could catch, cod, bass, bream, pollock, and skate.

Delicious with a glass of White Wine!

Climb a Tree

Fun for all the family!

We don't know about you, but it seems that the older we get, the less brave we are at climbing tree's -  "But what if I can't get back down!?". On the Isle of Wight we have a solution for everything....

...Why not spend a day at award winning 'Goodleaf Tree Climbing' - As seen on the BBC!

Not just for kids! Goodleaf are the UK's tree climbing specialists providing expert advice for ages 8 to 80 years old! The expert tutors will have you climbing your way to the top safely and securely in no time, and the stunning views of the Isle of Wight's beautiful countryside await you at the top!

Safe, exhilarating and Eco-friendly!

Visit Goodleaf here to find out more!  Well worth the visit we think!


Visit the Oldest theme park in the UK (and it's sister)

Blackgang Chine is known to be the oldest 'theme park' in the UK (it's 171 years old!) and It is not like Thorpe Park or Chessington, it is it's own magical world of wacky wonder. From Anamatronic dinosaurs taking you back to the land before time, to nursery rhyme land and cowboy town... great fun for Kid's and Big Kids.

If you buy a ticket to Blackgang Chine you can visit it's sister park, Robyn Hill Adventure Park and Gardens, for free! (or vice versa)

Dinousaur Isle of Wight

Knights and Donkeys

If you and your's fancy a little bit of History we recommend heading to Carisbrooke Castle. Owned by English Heritage they have done a lot to keep the castle full of life and there is pleanty to see and do. Have a go at dressing up as a soldier and fire a cannon from the tower, or visit the donkey in the mill with daily demonstrations of how they used to work in the castle and in the summer months and lots more...

Rainy day activities

Even though the Isle of Wight boasts the most sunshine in the UK, there will be the odd day when the weather outside doesn't play ball. On these days we suggest guests head to one of these places...

Butterfly World: Great for those budding explorers and nature lovers. Whilst you are in the area why not pop to the Owl and Monkey Haven (rescue animal sanctuary)

Fort Victoria: Great if your family like trainsfish, or shipwrecks.

Chessell Pottery: Why not try your hand at a little painting - from mugs and plates to teapots the folk in the studio have made it easy for all ages to have a go and take home something handmade and truely memorable.

chessell pottery