A Wight Christmas Day 13

Hang a shining star up on the highest bough!

Whether you're a traditional decorator or the king/queen of Neon Christmas is a great time to show off your creative skills! (Who doesnt love a little seasonal peacocking!)

When I was little (and even now when I get some time) I enjoyed walking aorund the town with my family after dinner and looking at all of the houses brightly decorated in all their finery (the tackier the better) and it was a lovely touch that most of them put on a show in order to raise money for charity at Christmas. You can take a tour of the best christmas houses on the Isle of Wight this Christmas, complete with mince pies and mulled wine.

If you like things a little more low key (and low energy) perhaps ypu have taken to tastefully decorating your door?

When I lived in London I loved walking the streets and seeing all of the beautifully painted front doors with wreaths, especially the homemade wreaths.

Babble has some great inspiration for seasonal door decoration - If you have not already why not show off your own front porch. It's the first thing you see when you come home and it is a lovely way to greet guests this time of year!

Here's my simple little front door - I love it! We would love to see pictures of your festive doors! tweet them to #xmasdoor @TapnellFarm